599  W  17th St

Type: Mixed Use

Status: Proposal

Year: 2015 

The project is located in Chelsea, New York City. The proposed block building offers the potential to evolve according to its changing occupants, their needs and activities. Just as the street and block grid provide the city a stabilizing public spatial framework for the often-chaotic building activity that happens within the urban block, the following design offers a similar opportunity at a smaller scale.


At this scale, the public and semi-public interior and exterior circulation, as well as gathering spaces become the stabilizing, orienting framework for the naturally evolving changes that will inevitably occur overtime within the program-function spaces. As a microcosm of the city, the following project offers the possibility of both the logical stability but also the exciting variety of an urban realm to be found in a world-class metropolis.


The Site is located in the block between 10th and 11th Ave and 16th and 17th street.

It intersects the Highline in one of its nodes and expands its reach to the various parts of the designed program.


Site Strategy

The morphology of the buildings on site is given by a careful study on the surrounding urban context.


Streets, access points, building size and form determine the shape of the three types of buildings based on program and square footage.

Mixed Use



Building Mass

Private Circulation

Public Space

Public Circulation

The project takes 40% of the site footprint, this allows to build higher and create more public space; the ground floor in this way becomes an extension of the Highline.

Gallery Space

Hotel + Office


121 x 13.614 = 122

84 x 6.804 = 81

107 x 14.445 = 135

A91.450 = 1 sq ft

A9.810 = 2 sq ft

tot. %40 = 101.250

Above, a view of the circulation space leading to the various designed spaces.

Below, a view of one of the many amenities present in the project.


Lobby Space - Common Areas



Interconnecting Spaces:

- Auditorium



1- North Elevation

2- South Elevation

3- East Elevation

4- West Elevation

W-E Section

S-N Section

 W-E Section

N-S Section

Enclosure System

The main Structure is given by the Reinforced Concrete Columns. Metal Decking and dropped cieling are added so that ducts and all the wiring can be installed. HVAC systems and the rest of the Mechanical ones are added along with a structural I beam at the end of the floor slab. 

Insulation is added at the end of each floor. Window Framing, and aluminum mulion are attached to the floors as the envelope systems becomes enclosed. A final shading device is added on top of its structure in order to improve the building performance and efficency. 

Detail Sections

Office Space - Hotel - Parking

Unit Plans

1- Studio

2- One Bedroom

3- Dupex

4- Penthouse