D i a p h a n o u s   O b l i v i o n

Type: Mixed Use

Status: Proposal

Year: 2014 

The project is located in an area of Newark between University Heights and downtownʼs Military Park Commons District. This location presents the opportunity to challenge the boundaries between public and private, between city and university. It also presents the possibility of establishing a gateway or iconic identity to the Universities.


Diaphanous Oblivion is part of a larger project that addresses housing for scholars in two urban conditions: small scale (lot infill), and large scale (block infill). This specific project focuses on the urban condition of block infill and proposes as a mixed use project composed of housing, gathering spaces of various kind, and a commercial section.


Green Areas Near Site

Newark's Greenspace

Site Location

Process Diagram

Raising the building 20ft above ground allows nature

to flow from University Heights to Downtown Newark.

A series of layers are introduced to divide areas and connect interior with exterior spaces; this allows the building to stand out in therms of transparency and design approach. Panels divide private with semiprivate and public spaces creating on each floor common gathering spaces, or at times, balconies and private gardens. A central courtyard divides the two buildings creating a public "Oasis" that allows interaction and socio-cultural exchange.

City Within a City

Diaphanous Oblivion is a mixed use project that acts as a City within a City. With only 50% of total lot coverage and a 50ft setback, the project returns to the city parts of its spaces and transforms them into green gathering areas. About 25% is given to the city for commercial use in order to improve Newark's economy and give new value to the location.

Foot Print:

- 50ft Setback
- 50% Lot Coverage

- Lot Size: 85.400 Sq Ft
- Building Footprint:  

  42.700 Sq Ft


- Transparent

- Translucent

- Solid


Art Gallery

Espresso Bar

Event Room

Smoking Area

Floor Lounge

Garden Area

Kitchen Area


TV Room

Meeting Space

Party Room

Computer Lab

Relax - Balcony

Study Lounge

Egress - Cores

Circulation Diagram

Recreational Spaces

Above, a view of the circulation space leading to the various designed spaces.

Below, a view of one of the many amenities present in the project.

The different layers and transparencies allow for natural ventilation and passive

heating and cooling throughout the year.


The following plans are examples 

of the spatial organizations present

in the building.Below are the legends with all major amenities.

Level: 0

Level: 2



Swimming Pool

Game Room


Espresso Bar



Pizza Place

Bar Lounge

Bank - Atm



Day Care

Floor Lounge

Art Gallery


Party Room

Kitchen Area

Event Space

Meeting Room

Relax Area

Party Room

Study Lounge


Meeting Room

TV Room

Floor Lounge


Level: 8

Level: -1

Level: 1

Level: 7