F. D.  T o w e r

Type: Mixed Use

Status: Submitted to DOB

Year: 2017 - Completion expected by 2018

In collaboration with: Hany Rizkalla

Website: https://www.hanyrizkalla.com

The F.D. Tower is a  nine-story, 14-unit mixed use building. It is currently under development at 2262 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, in the southern part of Harlem, NYC. The structure, will measure 18,417 square feet and rise 95 feet to its rooftop.


It will feature 1,723 square feet of ground-floor commercial space, followed by 14 residential units. The apartments will be rentals and should average 919 square feet apiece.

2262 Frederick Douglas Boulevard

Located in the heart of South Harlem, the F.D. Tower will provide luxury design and comfortable dwelling experience in an area

that is undergoing many urban morphological changes.

Process Diagrams

1 - Maximize FAR

2- Fit within surrounding context







3- Analyze NYC Building Code

4- Shift Void Volume





5- Create grid system from square module

6- Division of Public and Private


The open plan design of the ground floor emphasizes the programatic importance of the public commercial zone. Above, is the private section composed of a large residential unit featuring a private terrace, and a series of mirrored apartment units facing either the street or the interior garden.  


The facade is based on a square pattern deriving from the building system developed to fulfill the requirements of the NYC Building Code. Units will feature floor to ceiling windows providing great views and maximum natural light.


In order to save energy consumption, the facade presents minimal attachments and prevents thermal bridging. Attention is given, with extreme care, to the detailing of the building; no mullions are present thanks to the structural cap-less glass, the absence of the spandrel and dropped ceilings.