M e n   o f   N e w   Y o r k

Type: Installation 

Status: Competed

Year: 2017 

In collaboration with: Marlene Luce Tremblay

The installation "Men of New York" took place in Caelum Gallery, New York City;  in this location many extraordinarily talented up-and-coming artists from around the world have exhibited, including many international, first rate contemporary artists such as Gerd Kanz, Shin Miyazaki and Takayuki Yamada. Like the sculptor's chisel, Caelum Gallery is dedicated to shaping the everchanging art world by bringing fresh and innovative artists to the center of the Chelsea art scene in New York City.


The exhibition Men of New York takes place in a city that prides itself on the fact that diverse cultures, genders, sexualities, and religious beliefs don’t merely exist there, but thrive. A powerful combination of visual images and words, this exhibition celebrates diversity by featuring the portraits of 11 men who have come to New York from countries all over the world and flourished. 

Different levels of transparencies were applied to connect the

divided spaces creating continuity. 


In orde to reflect the artist methodology and her use of different layers in the process of creating art, the installation consisted in a series of fabric screens that divided the space and directed the user toward specific zones of the art exhibition.


The artistic technique involves combining two different media - photography and painting - to produce new, unique works of art that can best be described as ''pintographs.''

''Pintography'' consists of photographing people, objects or landscapes in black and white images that are tinted with pigments that the artist creates, enlarged and transferred on canvas.  Finally, the photographs on canvas are painted over in acrylic.  This process combines the timelessness and classicism of black and white photography with the modern medium of acrylic, to create images that ask users to review the existing views of the world and to challenge the current boundaries between the artistic categories of photography and painting.  Pintography produces works of great visual and emotional impact.

A section of the gallery was dedicated to video projections about "Men of New York" and the previous project, "Women of New York". 

Similarly to the fabric screens that divided the space, the videos were layered in the 3D environment allowing users to engage the installation and become part of an experience.