R e s i d e n z e   L a  P i s a n a

Type: Residential

Status: Built

Year: 2012 

In Collaboration with: AGEU 2000 Srl - TEKNA CONSULTING Srl

Website: www.teknaengineering.com

The project is situated in the western hemisphere of the city of Rome, Italy.  Nearby E.U.R. and Fiumicino, the residence is raised in proximity to the seat of the Regional Council of Lazio.


The eco-friendly structure erects in the roman skyline with its 15 terraced villas of different size and typology.  Thanks to the experience consolidated over time in the engineering field and construction industry by AGEU 2000 Srl and TEKNA Consulting Srl, it was possible to collaborate, design and develop a series of affordable structures that were energy-efficient and accessible to the majority of the population.

Apartment Typologies

The 15 villas are composed of studio flats, 2 bedroom apartments, and two​ bedroom apartments with terrace, designed with the concept of energy saving and eco-compatibility.

Technical  Characteristics



The reinforced concrete structure is designed in compliance with earthquake-proof standards.


External Muratures:


The external masonry complies with D.lgs 192/05, Legislative Decree 311/2006 and subsequent amendments, on energy containment, using a wall pack consisting of poroton block and thermal insulation coating (Energy Class B).


Thermal and Acoustic Insulation:


- Expanded polystyrene panels are used for roof ventilation, and high-resistivity thermal insulation (EPS) composed of 50% of traditional polystyrene and 50% of Neopor Basf graphite polystyrene for masonry.


- Self-supporting polyester based of thermally bonded fiber panels coupled by a high-density impeller foil and dampening elastomeric strips at the joints.

Living and Dining 

All spaces are permeated by natural light allowing the modern yet comfortable design to create a light, colorful and radiant ambiance.

Each space has a direct connection to the exterior private courtyard or terrace.

New Edition

The latest development merges two of the units into a bigger villa; the floor plan is freed from the partition walls allowing the semi-open space to connect directly to the exterior garden.