R o o m  2  B o a r d

Type: Commercial

Status: Built

Year: 2001

In collaboration with: Lorenzina Laera

Website: https://www.room2board.com

Room2Board is a locally owned boutique hostel and surf school in Costa Rica located on Jaco Beach along the Central Pacific Coast. New construction, utilizing an eco-friendly design, provides adventure travelers, surfers, and backpackers a clean, safe and affordable place to stay.


Room2Board was designed to have the social atmosphere and affordability of a traditional hostel and surf camp along with the amenities and style of a boutique hotel. Immersed in nature, the hotel aims to enhance human interactions with its plan layout, various types of room units, and the many common areas that host major activities.  

Designing with Nature

Shapes are designed in correspondence of the surrounding 

environment braking the barriers between built environment

and greenspace.


One of the tasks was to find modules within the existing structure and create custom designs that would fit the overall design scheme, would be unique, but vary at the

same time.


Room2Board is designed based on local needs,

availability of construction materials and most

important is reflecting local traditions enhancing

the hotel experience rendering the stay rooted in

its culture yet modern in concept.